Maxcon OCF-2K75s reduced length Multi-Band Dipole


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The Maxcon OCF-2K75s is a shorter version of the standard off center fed dipole. It is only 78 feet long but has the same band coverage as the standard OCF. The OCF-2K75s has two major advantages over the standard off center feed. In addition to requiring less space; it adds the 15 meter band as well. The standard OCF is not resonant 15 meters.

The reduced length and 15 meter resonant frequency is achieved by use of a 26 foot ladder line linear loading section at 20 feet from the feed point. The on the air performance is essentially the same as the standard off center fed dipole.

Coverage: 75, 40, 20, 17, 12 ,15, and 10 meters. 75 meter operation may require an antenna tuner. All other bands should not require a tuner. See the SWR curves.

Power handling: 2kw SSB, 1KW CW, and 500 watts on FT8/AM/RTTY

Length: 78 feet and 26 foot ladder line at a right angle to horizontal portion

Configuration: May installed as flat top or inverted vee

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