True End Fed Half Wave Antenna EFHW 1K-7520


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The Maxcon EFHW 1K-7520 is a true end-fed half-wave multi-band antenna. The 1K-7520 operates on 75, 40, 20, 17, 15, and 10-meter bands. Operation on 10 meters may require an antenna tuner. It is rated at 1.5 KW on SSB and 300 watts on FT8. The EFHW 1K-7520 does not need a ground, radials, or counterpoise. It needs no adjustment or tuning. The performance of the antenna is comparable to a half-wave dipole. The use of a compensation coil and coaxial capacitor in series with antenna wire allows operation in the SSB portion of all bands.

Bands of operation 75-40-20-17-15-10 meters

Max power level 1.5 KW SSB and 300 watts FT8

Total length 135 feet

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True End Fed Half Wave Antenna EFHW 1K-7520
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